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1337 Entertainment

1337 = leet = elite

We’re misfits, creatives, and explorers. Creating 1337 experiences for 1337 people.

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Next Event

Electronic Underground

1337 squad takes over Gingers in Oakland Park for a night where we explore the beautiful tapestry of electronic music. For this month, we have Eudae taking us on a melodic and deep journey through house, welcoming Madi for her 1st set with 1337, and Apocalypse7 taking us on a journey through all Electronic Music!

Upcoming Events

Crowd of people at 1337 Entertainments Vibrations Micro-festival

Who We Are

We Are 
Creating 1337 experiences for 1337 people.

We create electronic dance music experiences that combine music, art, and technology. Bringing people together through our community of creatives.